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This risk, unlike the others, is exclusively a component of trading in derivatives and is defined as a first-order convexity risk that is generated in all possible underlying assets in which there are products with options that require a volatility input for their valuation.

Information systems in developing countries: Moreover, in transactions involving assets purchased or sold under a purchase agreement there has greatly increased the volume transacted through clearing houses that articulate mechanisms to reduce counterparty risk, as well as through the signature of various master agreements for bilateral transactions, the most widely used being the Global Master Repurchase Agreement GMRApublished by ICMA International Capital Market Associationto which the clauses related to the collateral exchange are usually added within the text of the master agreement itself.

Information and Communication Tech-nologies and Development, The individual items include the assets received by the Bank from their debtors in full or partial settlement of the debtors payment obligations assets foreclosed or in lieu of repayment of debt and recovery of lease finance transactionsunless the Bank has decided to make continued use of these assets.

I call this conscious education. All the collaterals assigned must be properly drawn up and entered in the corresponding register. Bajo esos supuestos se ha desarrollado gran parte de la literatura de Economa del Deporte.

FGV – RAE Revista de Administrao de Empresas, 2016. Volume 56, Nmero 3

This heading includes the earnings from their sale or other disposal. Financial assets and liabilities held for trading Alignment with the new regulatory requirements, facilitating communication with regulators, investors and other stakeholders, thanks to an integrated and stable risk management framework.

However, when a debt instrument is deemed to be impaired individually or is included in the category of instruments that are impaired because of amounts more than three months past-due, the recognition of accrued interest in the income statement is interrupted. Contingent risks where the third party collateral individual becomes impaired.

Through the Risk Analytics function, the Bank has a corporate framework in place for developing the measurement techniques and models. Development as freedom in a digital age: Journal of Consumer Affairs, 42 2 A co-munidade acadmica em Administrao precisa dialogar constante-mente para a construo das respostas que atendam ao rigor cientfico, s boas prticas de pesquisa, aos interesses locais e produo de co-nhecimento universal, em benefcio do bem comum.


The circumstances in which collections will foreseeably be made. The remaining part of the previously mentioned second contribution is recognized as a liability see Note 1. It has tools in place that allow the risk appetite defined at aggregate level to be assigned and monitored by business areas, legal entities, types of risk, concentrations and any other level considered necessary.

The typical activities of credit institutions and other activities that cannot be classified as investment or financing activities. Thus, the financial assets are only derecognized from the balance sheet when the cash flows that they generate are extinguished, or when their implicit risks and benefits have been substantially transferred to third parties.

The principles underpinning credit risk management in BBVA are as follows: The table below shows the allocation of the Bank’s earnings for that the Board of Directors will submit for approval by the General Shareholders’ Meeting: It also includes tangible assets received by the Bank in full or part settlement of financial assets representing receivables from third parties and those assets expected to be held for continuing use.

Financial guarantees may take the form of a deposit, financial guarantee, insurance contract or credit derivative, among others. Some of these commitments are measured using actuarial studies, so that the present values of the vested obligations for commitments with personnel are quantified based on an individual member data.

In the case of debt instruments loans and debt securitiesgive rise to an adverse impact on the future cash flows that were estimated at the time the transaction was arranged. The main difference between ratings and scorings is that the latter are used to assess retail products, while ratings use a wholesale banking customer approach. The risk culture and the management model thus emanate from the Group’s corporate bodies and senior management and are transmitted throughout the organization.

However, changes resulting from variations in foreign exchange rates are recognized under the heading Exchange differences net ” in the accompanying income statements.

The attitudes and behaviors of the group and its members are governed by the principles of integrity, honesty, long-term vision and best practices through, inter alia, internal control model, the Code of Conduct and Responsible Business Strategy of the Bank. Automation of the main processes making up the risk management cycle. Millions of EurosImpairment losses and provisions for contingent risksNotes Available-for-sale portfolio Act to mitigate the impact in the Bank of the identified risk factors and scenarios, ensuring this impact remains within the target risk profile.

They represent a current obligation that has arisen from a past event; At the date referred to by the financial statements, there is more probability that the obligation will have to be met than that it will not; It is probable that an outflow of resources embodying economic benefits will be required to settle the obligation; and The amount of the obligation can be reasonably estimated.


In Octoberthe Executive Committee approved the execution of the first of the capital increases charged to reserves as agreed by the AGM held on March 14, to implement the Dividend Option.

It does not consider the availability of collateral or other credit enhancements to guarantee compliance with payment obligations.

If such adaptation is necessary, the local risk area must inform the corporate GRM area, which must ensure the consistency of the set of regulations at the level of the entire Group, and thus must give its approval prior to any modifications proposed by the local risk areas. The procedures for the management and valuation of collaterals are set out in the Corporate Policies retail and wholesalewhich establish the basic principles for credit risk management, parz the management of collaterals assigned in transactions with customers.

The expected return on plan assets is calculated by taking into account both market expectations and the particular nature of the assets involved.

FGV – RAE Revista de Administrao de Empresas, Volume 56, Nmero 3 – [PDF Document]

With regards to technology, the Group ensures the integrity of management information systems and the provision of the infrastructure needed for supporting risk management, including tools appropriate to the needs arising from the different types of risks for their admission, management, assessment and monitoring. This unit’s lines of action are established at Group level, and it is responsible for adapting and executing them locally, as well as for reporting the most relevant aspects.

Non-current assets held for sale are generally measured at fair value less sale costs, or their carrying amount, calculated on the date of their classification within this category, whichever is lower. The risk function has a decision-making process to perform its functions, underpinned by a structure of committees, where the Global Risk Management Committee GRMC acts as the highest committee within Risk. Global Market Risk Unit Committee: Incorporation of tensions as structural properties of the social system is embodied in a critical financial education program focused on training of players who use microfinance services in their businesses and other activities.

Hence, tensions between local and global spheres must be viewed socially as opportunities for transformation.

These tensions promote increased social exclusion of low-income communities, marked by insolvency legal proceedings and culminating in negative credit records. REFLECT is not a neutral method which aims to promote a neutral vision of development conwejos only on improving peoples material conditions.

Early retirement The Bank has offered certain employees in Spain the possibility of taking early retirement before the age stipulated in the collective labor agreement in force and has put into place the corresponding provisions to cover the cost of the commitments acquired for this item.