Editor of the literary magazine Souffles, Abraham Serfaty served a life sentence from until his release from prison in September He was sentenced. Today marks the eighth anniversary of the death of Abraham Serfaty, a prominent Jewish Moroccan political activist. Serfaty was an avowed. Abraham Serfaty is a internationally prominent Moroccan political activist who spent many years in prison and became a symbol of the popular resistance.

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ReligionChristianityIslam. Editor of the literary magazine SoufflesAbraham Serfaty served a abdaham sentence from until his release from prison in September Retrieved 12 November His anti-colonialist fight had him arrested and jailed by the French authorities, and in he was assigned a forced residence in France for six years.

From Abraham Serfaty to Nasser Zefzafi. A product of his environment, he belonged to the freethinking era of the s and 70s; and of the post-independence period when many Arab countries were freed from colonial rule.

He then settled at Mohammedia with his wife Christine in a house made available to them and even received a monthly stipend. From Wikipedia, the sergaty encyclopedia. Described by his closest supporters as “the Moroccan Mandela”, Serfaty endured 17 years of imprisonment, torture and 13 years of exile for his political views, including his opposition to Morocco’s position on Western Sahara.

MediaEuropeJournalism. Amazing photos of the funeral here. The group was opposed by the monarchy of King Hassan II, and Serfaty was arrested and tortured inbut released following student protests. He remained active within them through his return to Morocco in and Moroccan independence in For almost his whole political career, Abraham Serfaty was a thorn on the side of authorities in Rabat, both during the days of French rule and later, under the reign of King Hassan Abbraham.


Serfaty, Abraham – Brill Reference

Together with Abdellatif Laabi, Serfaty developed an artistic serfqty called “Souffles”, meaning “Breaths”. EuropeRussiaSaudi Arabia. Abraham SerfatyCasablancaJewish cemetery. Of course as this generation of Moroccan Jews moves on, we lose more and more information about how the Jewish communities of Morocco once were.

Serfaty is due to be buried on Friday in the Jewish cemetery in Casablanca, next to the graves of his parents. This nomination did not stop him for asking, in Decemberthe then Moroccan Prime Minister Abderrahmane Youssoufi to resign after the attacks on the independent newspapers and magazines and restrictions of their rights and freedom of speech.

A Listening Post special marking 30 years since the publication of Manufacturing Consent and its relevance today.

A radical who challenged all: Abraham Serfaty

PhilippinesInteractiveEnvironment. Abraham Serfaty, political activist. After their arrest, Abdellatif Zeroual died, a victim of torture. Mostafa Bouazzaoui For almost his whole political career, Abraham Serfaty was a thorn on the side of authorities in Rabat, both during the days of French rule and later, under the reign of King Hassan II. Al-ShababKenyaWomen’s Rights.

Tell us what you think. InteractiveChild rightsHuman Rights. It’s ironical, on reflection, that several figures who wrestled their countries away from foreign influence later used oppressive styles of government against their own people – like Hafez al-Assad in Syria, Saddam Hussein in Iraq and Muammar Gaddafi in Libya.

Abraham Serfaty (Gibraltarian)

Newer Post Older Post Home. He remained a member untilwhen he grew disillusioned with communist party bureaucracy, and formed the Marxist-Leninist organization known as Ila al-Amam. Daughters of al-Shabab What draws Kenyan women to join al-Shabab and what challenges are they facing when they return to their communities?

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He was officially charged with “plotting against the State’s security”, but the heavy sentence seemed to have been more a result for his attitude against the annexing of the Western Saharaeven if this motif did not appear in the official indictment, than his political activism. I was 10 inwhen my father told me at the synagogue that ‘Zionism goes against our religion. Commenting has been disabled. During that time, he has been one of the many promoters of the serraty mining policy of the newly independent Morocco.

Today is Liu Xiaobo’s birthday. After several months of hiding, Abraham Serfaty and Abdellatif Zeroual were arrested again in Five years on, we revisit this sercaty.

Eight years after his exile and two months after the death of King Hassan IIhe was finally allowed by the new king to return to Morocco in Septemberand had his Moroccan passport restored to him.

He paid a high price for such actions: His path as a political activist started very early: Two drivers trek 3, kilometres across the desert, risking life and limb to deliver a payload against the clock.

Many Pentecostal churches in the Niger Delta offer to deliver people from witchcraft and possession – albeit for a fee.

Help PEN America protect and uplift their voices: He would have been More coverage coming in.