Canan, Fatih; Karaca, Servet; Düzgün, Melike; Erdem, Ayşe Merve; Karaçaylı, Esranur; Topan .. Ethnic Classroom Composition and Turkish-Origin and German Students’ Reading . Teachers of Turkish Grammar in the Eyes of High School Students in the Programme for International Student Assessment ( PISA) exam. German Translation of the Onomatopoeia Words in The Book Of Dede Korkut .. Nahit Erdem Köker, Ege University Exam”/Lise Öğrencilerinin “Üniversite Sınavı” Kavramına İlişkin Metaforik Algıları .. Feyzan Karabulut, Aksaray University questions about teachers’ thoughts about the lack of a teacher’s guide book. Apr 17, First stage is the Higher Education Entrance Exam (YGS). author under the supervision of assistant professor H. Suphi Erdem . 17 indicates the current obsessive compulsive pathology (Karabulut Friedell suggests that Protagoras is “the founder of scientific grammar in virtue of his research on the.

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Factor analysis of questionnaire data revealed three independent orientations, namely, “Integration into International Community,”…. A review of related published research will be presented. Guide to Modeling and Simulation of Systems of Systems. Among them, questions were submitted to a popular science magazine called Science and Children.

Peer Bullying among High School Students: Languages and Compilers for Parallel Computing. Information Systems, Technology and Management. Reliability of assessment of critical thinking. The Evolution of Conceptual Modeling. An illustrative numerical example is presented. Security and Trust Management. Enabling Real-Time Business Intelligence. Privacy in Statistical Databases.


Central Library

Computer Networks and Intelligent Computing. Discrete Geometry for Computer Imagery.

The aim of this study was to explore the perceptions of entry-level male and female nursing students and the reasons for choosing nursing as a career. Computer Information Systems — Analysis and Technologies. Further, these designs have not yet been implemented, so it is necessary to compare these risks without being able to test the vehicles themselves. Collaborative Networks in the Internet of Services. Pre- and postcourse assessment has become a very important tool for education research in physics and other areas.

We also investigated agreement almabca the most recent version of this algorithm v6. Over six flights, twelve topics were investigated. Advanced Machine Learning Technologies and Applications.

Computer Analysis of Human Behavior. Convergence and Hybrid Rilbilgisi Technology. Skin Picking in Turkish Students: Financial literacy among Turkish college students: Irregular menstruation and family history increased PMS scores and decreased life quality P students significantly decreased as the severity of PMS increased P students should be informed about the symptoms, risk factors, and management options of PMS.


Generally, universities in developing countries offer little in the way of provisions and support material, emotional, etc. The authors examined the prevalence of and reasons, or excuses, for academic procrastination as a function of gender and academic grade level. The Turkish version of the ILS identified four learning styles among medical students. Implications for Rehabilitation There is a lack of high-quality studies about psychometric properties of upper limb measurement tools in the neuropediatric population.


While THERP is not without its detractors, and it is showing signs of its age in the face of newer technological applications, the longevity of THERP is a testament of its tremendous significance.

When combined with a consequence matrix for usability errors, this method affords ready prioritization of usability issues. A questionnaire was administered during school term to students pursuing their education in the departments of science and elementary education in two Turkish universities. Human Reliability Program Workshop. Real-Time Graphics Rendering Engine. Lester, Joshua Tanenbaum, Veronica Zammitto.