Technology: VCL, Product: Installation (VCL), Type: Question, Subject: ExpressQuantumGrid Suite. Technology: VCL, Product: ExpressQuantumGrid Suite, Type: Question, Subject: ExpressQuantumGrid Suite v and ExpressQuantumGrid. Today I installed ExpressQuantumGrid Suite, ExpressQuantumTreeList Suite by using DevExpressVCLProductsexe. Installation was.

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You may also want to ask the author to repost the attachment. Then, you need to modify your project in order to include debug information in the tested applicationand re-build the application. But thanks again for sharing your thoughts on this! This includes an intelligent scroll bar, and the two exprressquantumgrid styles using the LookandFeel Property Flat or Standard. Is this page helpful? Is there a lot of difference regarding functionality?

TMS Component Pack replacement Hi Pierre, Thank exprsesquantumgrid so much for such an extensive comparison and sharing of experience. As best as I can tell, the examples are not cross-referenced in the documentation. I am in the middle of a major corporate database front end development effort and am using the ExpressGrid and MemData heavily.

An AutoPreview feature allows you to specify the columns and rows to include at runtime so as to provide an efficient method for display of memo columns.

Since I only have experience with the DevExpress grid, and I don’t have the time to test other ones, and since the DevExpress one has been recommended often, I think I’ll go for this one Operations on the data are generally faster with it all loaded into memor y.


ExpressQuantumGrid Suite

Hi all, I’d like to start using some DB-aware components in the new applications I’m about to write. End user run time grid customization is much sharper in the Devexpress component. Changing the order of the data in a “proper” DBGrid would mean rerunning the query whereas if all the data is loaded into a stringgrid based DBGrid you can simply resort in memory.

A careful eye to Expresdquantumgrid usage to minimize the problems encountered using VCL windowed controls. It’s very easy to use First, you need to re-compile the QuantumGrid package with debug information. NET components from it. I’m sure many of ecpressquantumgrid are interested in this topic. Runtime Row Resizing so your users can adjust the height of QuantumGrid rows to meet their specific needs.


I’m currently using a hacked version of Eexpressquantumgrid Skolnik’s freeware grid and I’ve been looking for something with more features to replace it. But I’m not sure what the difference is between the so called stringgrid and the dbgrid Change the compiler settings to generate debug information for the QuantumGrid control. A DBGrid simply provides a scrolling window into the table. Your end users can see data in a group, and they can also see the summary values for each group.

Developer Tools

As a community, now that Delphi has changed ownership I believe we should try to be more consistent, more clear, and more articulate in what we expect from Embercadero in terms of Delphi.


You may want to look at X-DBGrid http: I see they both have DB-aware components, so I’m wondering: Just set two properties at design time or runtime and you are on your way to enabling suire extremely powerful data viewing and manipulation metaphor inside your applications.

Thanks Everyone, you know who you are Can you list the features you’re looking for?

Again, this is just a property setting Even using it in bound wxpressquantumgrid can, with a number of events especially the display based ones mean that you have to somehow sync the display with the dataset to do anything. It does install the D edition on the same box. TMS has advised that the missing files are probably due to a faulty install of XE2.

On the other hand if you link a table to a DBGrid and the appropriate indices are there its a lot faster to change the index rather than resort the data. Move mouse over comment to see the full text. Fixed Bands to help you present data to users with efficiency.

Preparing Application With QuantumGrid Controls for TestComplete

One example would be if you load the resultset of a query into a grid. Looked a the user guide at the above web exrpessquantumgrid. Pierre Duparte replied on Jul