Godspell. by Stephen Schwartz, John-Michael Tebelak. Full Length Musical, Drama / 5m, Music Material Rental Packages 3 band parts: bass, guitar, drums. See also the full Godspell page for sheet music, CDs, etc. rehearsals at varying tempos and parts, separate parts for rehearsal in Karaoke style, and more. Stephen Schwartz (who is obviously Jewish) from writing the music to the .. about Lamar, but this role, like all of the roles in GODSPELL, is non-ethnic specific.

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This was one of the places where Schwartz suggested a brand new musical number. Archived from the original on This production was both a theatrical triumph and a political and legal breakthrough. Stephen Schwartz was hired after La Mama to compose new music to Bolick’s original songs. After auditions, our creative staff determined that casting a female Jesus was the very best use of the actors we had.

Godspell | Samuel French

I feel like I need to tell my readers here that I am a practicing Christian, and that I am a huge fan of the person and teachings of Jesus. Listen to a cast or demo recording before licensing your next musical.

By continuing part use this website, you agree to their use. Based on the Gospel according to St Matthew it deals with the last days of Jesus, and includes dramatized versions of several well-known parables.

Godspell 2012

I wonder whether this was a decision in the studio to mask something else. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Providing we use the correct material, are we ok to perform with a backing track rather than with a live band????

Sign in to your Samuel French account. Several members of the cast then begin to question Jesus’s authority, and he responds with yet another parable.


If you have this actor, you have a show! According to the frequently asked questions post on Musicals.

This is normally staged with John the Baptist entering from somewhere in the theatre. Rather than be resurrected, Jesus dies in the “Finale”, and the cast is typically directed to lift his body over their heads and walk banc through the audience to end the show. I am a casual Stephen Schwartz admirer, but not a fanatical one, and I am not by nature delighted by rock musicals. The cast then performs the parable of Lazarus and the rich man.

So you want to see it LIVE.

Notes For Performers and Directors

Godspell Costume Rentals and Sales. He is asked, “What is the greatest commandment? As written, her number is very low, but it can be transposed effectively.

Schwartz understands such a diverse variety of popular styles that the term Rock Musical is not simply a musical with a lot of snare on two and four in it, but a musical that does its job using the tools of many different kinds of rock music. For the musical’s album, see Godspell Off-Broadway Cast. Mountains backdrop for sale.

Does pars occur to anyone how high flown that lyric is? The biblical material is odd and compelling in its original godsepll. The band sings “On the Willows”, which is about what has been sacrificed.

The cast bamd plays charades to finish several statements posed by Jesus, including “If a man sues you for your shirt The libretto is available on hire. William FinnJames Lapine.

Godspell (Schwartz) – Band Parts – : MusicalTheatreScores

Our offices will be godsppell from December 28, bad 1: There are strong directionally oriented harmonies, like ii-V-I cadences, but they contradict what came just before them, and the three tonal centers, E, Cand G are worlds away from each other. Ron Hubbardand Marianne Williamsonrespectively. In the original production, the cast joined the audience for wine and bread. They lyric is attributed to St.


The Bayview Playhouse production ran until Augustwith a then-record run of performances. It is okay to disagree, but treat others with respect, and realize that you may not know everything.

If you buy the version from musicnotes. The Bass book and the chord symbols in the piano score have it correct, I think. In fact, all the vocals near the end are flexible, so you can give singers whichever parts suit their ranges.

He reminds the cast and audience of the time of Noah and teaches that faith can calm the storm. Three versions are technically available to license, but Schwartz has always quietly hand-waved licensing the Dan Schachner and Alex Lacamoire arrangements under the cover of the original he used to explain in a FAQ on his website how to get in touch with them to negotiate the use of their arrangements, he still might in one of the PDFs you linkwhich is why I was kind of surprised to see the version get put into its own category.

I imagine there will be some out there whose feathers will be ruffled by such a casting choice, but I found it incredibly revelatory, even though I myself think there are viable theological pars to be made for the necessity of Jesus being gendered as male godspsll the Biblical narrative.