Check out Indifférence (Valse Musette) by Delphine Lemoine on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD’s and MP3s now on 2 showing no care or concern in attitude or action; “indifferent to the sufferings of others”; “indifferent to her “Indifference ” a song in the Valse Musette style. Скачать mp3: “Indifference” Valse Musette, Accordion Solo on the Roland FR 1 . Reine de Walc Musette/French cafe music – Accordion/Akordeon. Все MP3.

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After World War 1 the chromatic accordion gradually began to oust the diatonic box from the bal musette, with its greater versatility. They made a fortune out of playing utter rubbish most of the time, but vapse could they play those accordions when the fancy took them!

I’m going to start looking around for more CDs to add to my collection! They loved to give it big licks on stage and you always kept listening in case they made a mistake. When he wrote and performed Indifference it was seen as a significant masterpiece, compared to the musett of the mill tunes then being composed by the mainstream bal musette players. And it is a MUST for all musette lovers. Just get vslse accordion, listen to a few versions, and play the tune however you want it to sound.

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There is also chromatic accordion version on youtube, check it out. Yvette Horner was everybody’s darling, except mine. This is the forum for you!

I think I may have the answer. Hard to say perhaps but I was interested in what you thought. The best pur musette player was Emile Prud’homme, a native of Gennevilliers, on the outskirts of Paris. I know this is a much debated subject, and this is only the opinion of an amateur player. They tended to remain in family groups in Paris, and a feature of their leisure activities was to attend dances in what were named “bals musette”. Indifference is a tune that was made for musettr ad-libbers amongst us.

A diminutive little lady with great technique, but IMHO she played everything in a manner that did little to inspire. If you are playing a strict tempo Scottish dance tune with the obligatory mega chord intro and exit, or whatever symphony of Beethoven’s you choose to undertake, and you make a mistake, then indifferehce will surely give you stick for your error.


[PDF] Indifference – Valse Musette – Spartito – Free Download PDF

In earlier times the three voice musette accordion tuning was deemed necessary to “cut through” the background noise made at dance halls and guingettes, as their outdoor version was to be named. His technique was faultless and when he played those polkas the notes were played with a military like precision like machine gun bullets bouncing off a metal air raid shelter.

Curiously, though urged to modernise by colleagues he never really switched to CBA preferring the Mixte system. When I was younger I loved all of the excitement that was in Viseur’s playing, but as I have aged I tend to go for things down a gear or two.

What makes one performance or performer stand out over another? Great for the development and promotion of the instrument, but when it was time for these youngsters to branch out few of them made the big time, as nobody wanted mere facsimiles of “Momo” Players like Andre Astier, Joss Baselli, Louis Corchia, Louis Ledrich, and other big names that are far too numerous to list here have obviously proved their mettle, but I wouldn’t go falling over looking for their CDs.

Jo Courtin was once Edith Piaf’s accordionist. Jo Privat has to be one of the best things that ever happened to the French accordion. About the same time as the Auvergnats were beginning to adapt to life in the big city the Italians were also arriving in numbers and brought their accordions with them. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates.

After one or two false starts I decided that Ferrero’s method was the best, although it took a long time compared to the other methods I tried that were really only intros to CBA. These days most French instruments are of 3 voice construction with a set of bassoon reeds and the other two flute reeds will typically be tuned americain swingwhich is the most popular, or celeste vibrato or two voice musette. Valse Musette style composition of the French musician Maurice. I have watched a video of the revered French accordionist and teacher, Armand Lassagne, chastise a pupil for not using his thumb on the outside row to achieve the best fingering position for the next passage.


It seemed to be the case, much like an electric guitar, that your mistakes were amplified. Their style is ever so slightly different like their different musette tuning, which is more of that standard “North European” variety.

Performed by Wang Yi and her friend. Wang Yanmeng, a young composer fromRepublic of China Known as Taiwanmet an old accordionist in Prague’s subway station and was deeply moved by the accordion music. The Accordionists Forum An accordion forum open to all Skip to content. The tunes were rather slow and mechanical in keeping with the primitive diatonic instruments.

There was a discussion about Emile Vacher on melodeon. Wish him a bright future! Tony Murena, Italian by birth, was a pioneer of electronic amplification. Tony Fallone, from down south somewhere, plays some fascinating swinging jazzy stuff which is very nice to listen to, but I wouldn’t even think about trying to play it.

“Indifference” Valse Musette, Accordion Solo on the Roland FR: Скачать mp3 песни бесплатно

It also has lyrics for singer, check here. I had an additional problem that I couldn’t learn off anybody else, until videos started to appear in the late 80s and I picked up quite a bit from them.

Edouard Duleu, another northerner from Roubaix, with B system and Belgian basses had a fabulous tone, and was one of my earlier influences. The beauty of French musette is you can play the tune almost any way you like. It was a diatonic, and what he learned on that proved to be invaluable to his later CBA playing. I used to subscribe to a French accordion magazine and in an article about Gus Viseur they described his style as very unorthodox.

Realistic love song recounting the day without a girl to a seductive, lyrics by Leo Agel and indifgerence music of Emile Carrara on a rhythm of waltz.