In this short tutorial we have seen how to invoke IronRuby methods from C# Comments on the topic are highly appreciated for the improvement of the topic. I wanted to have a little walk-through on getting IronRuby up and running. This tutorial may go a little slow, but I wanted to make sure that it is. Learning Ruby via IronRuby and C# Part 1. by Justin Etheredge on July 21, . This post was migrated from Justin’s personal blog, ” Views.

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Join a community of oversenior developers. Please take a moment to review and update. Related Resources Store Articles Blogs. View an example Enter your e-mail address. As demonstrated at the ironrruby end of this rather basic script, we are using. Personally, I don’t mind verbose chaining of references in my code as long as it doesn’t interfere with performance – as evidenced in the example above.

Step by step guidance for calling a IronRuby Method from C#4.0

The source code is hosted on GitHub and uses Git as its source control application. I hope by now you can understand better how IronRuby interoperates with.

Irnoruby it’s a named method or an anonymous chunk o’ code, the block you delegate to the handling of an event can take arguments – commonly, a sender object and some args.

I’m my best friend too. Subscribe to our architect newsletter? NET application development using IRuby is a breeze. The very first thing we need to do is to add the dlls as show below.

SetZIndex using the underscored, lowercase convention established for the Ruby language. May 25, 12 min read by Edd Morgan.


IronRuby Unleashed by Shay Friedman

The first input gutorial will be asked to enter is the installation folder for IronRuby. Enhance your end-user experience by optimizing your application performance.

Inside that window is a certain object called a “StackPanel”, which is a type of WPF control used to define how it’s child controls will flow in terms of layout. So now I would like to progress from talking about IronRuby’s compatibility with your existing projects to developing a whole new application demonstrating the interoperability between IronRuby and.

Building a WPF Application in IronRuby

You can download the source code in a Zip format from http: Another way to DRY up your IronRuby code and deal with these very long names that occur frequently in the. You can never predict when a user is going to click tutoril button, strike a key or perform any other kind of input, so the advent of the GUI is what neccessitated event-driven programming.

Same goes for every machine on which you deploy your IronRuby applications. Virtualization for System Ironrubj.

When working with IronRuby, the. My vote of 5 moeinkiller Oct 7: My vote of 4 Rudra rafiq May 1: The level of the articles was so high that I was even afraid to write an article. Using IronRuby to create visual representations of data and infographics is very exciting to me. To refactor the style of the above example, I could place the following at the top of my Clock class:. Objects defined in XAML can be either named for later reference, or anomymous our Rectangle is named ‘mySquare’, whereas the TextBlock has not been given a name.

Your message is awaiting moderation. NET namespace into context of your IronRuby code – just as you would if you wanted to bring in an ‘ organic ‘ Ruby module. Let it be said that this is by no means perfect, but I think it does the job of illustrating IronRuby’s interoperability with WPF using a familiar data visualisation. In case you aren’t aware, event-driven programming is essentially the practice of telling your code to call a particular method, or other chunk of code a delegate when something happens at an unpredictable time.


For more information about how to contribute and how to use Git, ironriby at the IronRuby wiki at http: You can also address named controls like so:. Related Vendor Content Troubleshoot performance bottlenecks and optimize your application performance with Site24x7.

When you have the correct framework, we can move on and install IronRuby. NET stack really does integrate at all levels.

After you extract IronRuby to the desired installation folder, you notice several folders there. NET namespaces and Ruby modules. Although today, with this project, we’re only presenting one simple piece of information – the time – the potential is grand.

It’s not the only collection of libraries in the framework with the power to do this — Windows Forms does the trick, too — but WPF is useful when you need to employ eye candy and create impact. For this demo we are using add. During the installation, you will be asked to select the features to install.