Wolfblade Wolfblade is the first book in the Hythrun Chronicles Marla Wolfblade, princess of Hythria, is determined to restore her family to its former power and. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. The first book of Fallon’s new trilogy showcases the Wolfblade: Wolfblade trilogy Book One by [Fallon, Jennifer]. Wolfblade (The Hythrun Chronicles: Wolfblade Trilogy, Book 1) [Jennifer Fallon] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Marla Wolfblade of.

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It’s not as sprawlingly detailed as the Vallon R R Martin books, but the world is crafted well enough to be complex enough for political action on multiple fronts.

Her honesty and compassion—supported by the astute political advice of Elezaarthe dwarf slave—win her loyal friends. Each has a unique style, and all are worthy of recognition as fine writers by anyone’s reckoning.

I persevered and was rewarded, but somebody coming in without the benefit of the previous books might not. Marla, the 15 year old sister of the High Prince of Hythria; and Wrayan, the son of a famous thief and the apprentice to the leader of the Sorcerers.

Wolfblade 1The Hythrun Chronicles 4. Aron Nykom are the characters from the first trilogy in this part and of the bigger picture of this series? The book boasts a large cast of characters who all plot for gain or survival. Regains his amnesia only too come back to the human world and give Marla a tad bit of information. She refers to herself as just a walking womb or baby maker. The plot takes place over several years, allowing for growth and change of the characters and for patient plotters to see their seeds grow into fruition.

Wolfblade – Wikipedia

I loved how the main character goes from romantic, naive princess to an incredibly powerful woman who knows that sometimes you have to do things that are not necessarily on the white hennifer of the spectrum. It takes place in a typical fantasy setting, namely a vaguely medieval setting with royalty, sorcerers and a recognizable caste system.


Marla is one of those characters that you can’t help but fall in love with. The gods generally use their influence, magic users keep a low profile, and the human nobility do all of the dirty work. This is the first book I have read in a long while that actually gives a depth and reality to the characters.

Marla is to be married off to the King of Fardohnya as part of a political bargain, but dissidents within Hythria are determined to remove Lernan from power. Also, apparently Lernen is the pedobear. I would recommend it for YA consumption or other groups that prefe This second trilogy is a prequel about Marla and her son Damin Wolfblade, comrade of The Demon Child woflblade the first 3 books.

This includes Wrayan Lightfingerself-proclaimed as the greatest thief in Hythria, also inheritor of the magical powers of the mysterious, pacifist and believed disappeared race of the Harshini. The book itself is lacking an overall throughline, something more complete than general political upheaval.

She also doesn’t attempt to bond with those around her. Can Marla protect her son and her family, and stop the conspirators? Without it, we wouldn’t see the weakness of Nashan or the continued corruption of his brother Makhas.

What may be even more of a selling point for those who enjoyed the faplon series is that there is more action with the Harshini, those demigod-like beings who regularly talk to the various gods, who are immortal unless killedwho were hunted down by the Medalon priestesses.

Fortunately there’s never a graphic description of this, but much discussion ensues about why they don’t just get rid of the pedobear, and why it’s safer to just have him continue on being the pedobear rather than appear to have any further schemes or political ambitions. Myfavorite of her books so far. I always like it when a villain isn’t just there for the sake of villainy.

This is fallpn a personal squick of mine. When Fallon originally wrote the books in her native Australia, this was book four of the Hythrun Chronicles. We learn much more about them and their relationship to the gods as well, and it looks like there will be more of that in the subsequent two books. This is a well-written book, infinitely more sophisticated than many of the fantasy books I’ve read recently.


I heard about this book in a reddit thread about political fantasy novels, and it sounded like it was down my alley.

There is no “outcast” male romantic interest or kind noble women whose hearts goes out to the poor etc. It’s all for selfish gain, but she does try to justify it at least. Marla Wolfbladeprincess of Hythriais determined to restore her family to its former power jennifre glory. Dit boek was erg goed, vooral de intriges waren erg interessant.

Books by Jennifer Fallon and Complete Book Reviews

New York Rights Fair. Even Alija Eaglespike, the one actual bad person in the book, has depth to her. She yearns to follow her heart, convinced at first every infatuation is true love, and force to realize the painful reality that not only was it not, but it is not her lot as a noblewoman to choose her own future. This page was last edited on 6 Augustat Wolfblade is a prequel, set perhaps thirty years before The Demon Child Trilogy, but written later—which explains the confusing alternate designation of the Wolfblade novel as a part of a six book “Hythrun Chronicles” including “The Demon Child Trilogy”.

It had this wonderful fantasy feel but also that political aspect that made me love Elantris. Fallon is not only a good writer but also a prolific one, often bringing out more than one book a year. Wolfblade Trilogy, Book 2 Treason Keep: Overall, she lead more with her heart and desires rather then with her brain.

Distinguishing between the two can be hard at times, at least until the context gives it away they are two vastly different characters.