ACI 530.1 ASCE 6 TMS 602 PDF

Mortar. Mortar for use in masonry construction shall conform to ASTM C and Articles and A of TMS. /ACI /ASCE 6, except for mortars . Specifications for masonry structures: ACI /ASCE /TMS with ASTM references. Imprint: Detroit: American Concrete Institute, c 5/TMS , and its accompanying masonry specification, ACI /ASCE 6/TMS New provisions and revisions of existing standards for masonry design.

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Calcium silicate sand lime brick. Add the following to Chapter 2: Where necessary, support such extended chimneys, vents and equipment from this building ts to carry up such chimneys or vents within his or her building; and 4.

Specifications for Masonry Structures (ACI 530.1-92/ ASCE 6-92/TMS 602-92)

Masonry heaters shall also be installed in accordance with this section and comply with one of the following: A hearth and fire chamber or similar prepared place in which a fire may be made and which is built in conjunction with a chimney. The exterior air outlet is permitted to be located in the back or sides of the firebox chamber or within 24 inches mm of the firebox opening on or near the floor. The projection of a single course shall not exceed one-half the unit height or one-third of the unit bed depth, whichever is less.

Chimneys for medium-heat appliances shall be constructed of solid masonry units or of concrete with walls a minimum of 8 inches mm thick, or with stone masonry a minimum of 12 inches mm.

In areas not subjected to freezing, footings shall be at least 12 inches mm below finished grade. Masonry directly above chases or recesses wider than 12 inches mm shall be supported on lintels. Wood strip framing shall not be used in walls required to have a fire-resistance rating by other provisions of this code. An opening to the bottom of a grout space of sufficient size and spacing to allow the removal of debris.

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No masonry shall be corbeled from hollow or cavity wall masonry units. Any chimney located beyond 10 feet mm from such construction, but not more than the distance determined from Equation and Table The exterior air intake shall be capable of providing all combustion air from the exterior of the dwelling.

The adhesion between steel reinforcement and mortar or grout.

Provide such essential services as are normally supplied by the equipment while it is out of service; and. Masonry in which the tensile resistance of the masonry is taken into consideration and the effects of stresses in reinforcement are neglected. However, reinforcement provided for gravity, seismic or wind forces or for other purposes may be regarded as satisfying part of, or the whole of, these requirements.

Tile set and grouted with modified epoxy-emulsion mortar and grout shall be installed in accordance with ANSI A An isolated vertical foundation member whose horizontal dimension measured at right angles to its thickness does not exceed three times its thickness and whose height is equal to or less than four times its thickness.

The lining shall be carried up vertically, with a 530.11 slope tmms greater than 30 degrees 0. Premixed prepared portland cement mortars, which require only the addition of water and are used in the installation of ceramic tile, shall comply with ANSI A Ashlar masonry laid in courses of stone of equal height for each course, although different courses shall be permitted to be of varying height.

A masonry shear wall designed to resist lateral forces neglecting stresses in reinforcement, and designed in accordance with Section The part of any wall entirely above the roofline. Combustible material and trim shall not overlap tmd corners of the chimney by more than 1 inch 25 mm. That form of grouted masonry construction in which certain designated cells of hollow units are continuously filled with grout.


Specifications for Masonry Structures (ACI / ASCE /TMS )

The chimney shall be filled with a thick penetrating smoke produced by one or more smoke machines, or smoke bombs, or other equivalent method. Other equivalent means of stress transfer to accomplish the same 50 percent increase shall be permitted.

This chapter shall govern the materials, design, construction and quality of masonry. C with a wind-velocity greater than 8 mph The arrestor screen shall have heat and corrosion resistance equivalent to gage galvanized steel or gage stainless steel.

Brick, tile, stone, glass block or concrete block conforming to the requirements specified in Section The commissioner may grant a variance in accordance with the provisions of this code. Where unidentified reinforcement is approved for use, not less than three tension and three bending tests shall be made on representative specimens of the reinforcement from each shipment and grade of reinforcing steel proposed for use in the work.

The minimum required bearing length on each end of the fireplace opening shall be 4 inches mm. In Seismic Design Category C or D, masonry and concrete chimneys shall be reinforced and anchored as detailed in Sections Masonry over a fireplace opening shall be supported by a lintel of noncombustible material. Maximum compressive force resisted per unit of net cross-sectional area of masonry, determined by the testing of masonry prisms or a function of individual masonry units, mortar and grout.

Where specified in the construction documents. The area of masonry units, grout and mortar crossed by the plane under consideration based on out-to-out specified dimensions.