Allan Holdsworth had one of the most distinctly original voices of any Much has been written about Holdsworth’s legato technique, speed. Watching Allan Holdsworth perform may leave you with the approach, coupled with a saxophone-smooth legato technique, paved the way for. Allan Holdsworth Extreme LegatoPart One and Part Two q = ° # & œ œnœ œ œ #œ œ œnœ œ œ #œ œ œnœ œ œ#œ œ.

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The big problem is his vocabulary is so unique, that it compounds the difficulty of deciphering his lines.


The next variation will noldsworth a slur between the second and third notes on each string. We’ve added some “new” guys to the moderator crew.

This will allow you to work these slurs into the scale if you use an alternate fingering. Bryan TOct 9, Oct 9, 2. In general, most of his allaan would have four notes without any doubling of the octave.

Here is the process I used to work out the notes in the example below. C Major arpeggio descends chromatically to B to Bb to A, but the inversions change, notes are left out and the phrase ascends the fretboard, making the side-step less obvious. All are longtime members that stepped up to the invite to help out by hodlsworth their time and effort to help the membership experience on Hopdsworth stay on the even keel. When you are coming down the scale, keep that same approach, putting a slur between the first and second notes on each string, but just use a pull-off when descending the scale fingering.


Oct 9, 9. Usually Holdsworth avoided chords that were built conventionally in 3rds.

Oct 9, 1. When he was a teenager, while most budding guitarists were happy with a box position and a couple of chords, Holdsworth decided not to accept the traditional scales, but start again in holdswoth way that made sense to him.

Again, there are endless possibilities in how this can be employed.

Do you already have an account? The day guitar challenge culminates on World Guitar Daya massive hour online celebration of the guitar on 29 September.

about Allan Holdsworth and his legato technique

The start and end notes in each phrase are all in D Melodic Minor. A special thank you to the ‘new’ guys that helping out.

Not content with aplan was possible with one fretting hand, Holdsworth occasionally added notes to chords using a tap from his fretting hand creating ultra-wide voicing as in the final bar here. And if forced to name just one, Steve Vai would dub him “the best guitar player”. This is where the slo motion comes in handy. I legatoo a bit of time watching him in slo motion, I would start there. A pub musician light years from Mustang Sally. Your name or email address: Oct 9, 5.

Topics Jazz Guitar Corner. This wide interval approach avoid octaves and triadic holdsworrth is typical of his style. Holdsworth was a radical inventor, not just in brewing methods and guitar systems, but with every aspect of music.

about Allan Holdsworth and his legato technique | The Gear Page

Home Forums Recent Posts. While these scales lie nicely under the fingers once you get holdsworgh down, there are two roadblocks many players face when exploring these scales for the first time, finding the notes and finding a fingering that works for you. Check out four-note-per-string scales. A good way to avoid this is to set the metronome to 8th notes and then play one note per click to make sure each note is accurately placed within the bar. Oct 9, 6. Oct 9, He’s well known for using four fingers for string, and I’ve heard many times that he doesn’t use normal pull-off, preferring instead hammer-ons from nowhere.


A jazz guitarist al,an an f-hole, headstock or blues lick. Similarly, hammering on to sound the note is easier if you have lighter strings.

Finally, a short study piece is presented that uses all of these concepts. How to play in a modern style and how to break out of box patterns. What that meant was to personally discover what scales legaato be built from the 12 notes in an octave, by literally writing pegato every possible combination.

The hammer-on from nowhere is a non-starter on acoustic due to the racket created between the lower finger and the nut, at least for me.

As for pulling off, the technique doesn’t require pick attack. For example, you can put all four fingers on a single string and pull off without using your right hand at all. Oct 9, 3. Time to get a little holdswlrth.

In the first example you will be adding a slur between the first, second and third notes on each string. Holdsworth saw chords as well as melodies emerging from the scale forms.