Burgbad Crono Furniture. Price: Call for pricing or Enter details on this form to make enquiry. Product Code: crono. burgbad crono. bathroom furniture line. / Sanitary ceramics, shower trays, bath tubs, fittings, accessories, bathroom furniture – all sorts of products. For the collection’s year anniversary, Burgbad is presenting a whole series of new components which, besides adding new functions to the range, represent.

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New, flat and unobtrusive strip handles in white or chrome and glass top panels with a glossy or matt finish — as familiar from the rc40 system — further enhance Crono’s combinability and its potential burgbbad creating a design that encompasses every aspect of the space.

Burgbad Crono built-in LED mirror cabinet with 3 doors right version. Burgbad is also presenting some innovative lighting solutions in connection with Crono.

The surrounding LED lighting provides perfect light even when the double-sided mirror doors are open. Manufacturer, recommended by Reuter: You have to look hard to spot that their overhangs have been reduced crobo as to achieve an even cono overall look, or that their inner shape has been optimised to improve the water’s flow behaviour.

This permits individual, reduced-height solutions equipped with integrated storage space beneath the upper edge of the tub.

burgbad crono. bathroom furniture line. 2004 / 2014

Our hotline is available for you 7 days a week until 10 pm at the below mentioned landline number. Latest stories Upcoming fairs Recent architecture projects Magazine. Current user location United States. Washbasins Bkrgbad desired width: Sample layouts Your desired width: It is also available in a bugbad range of colours and surface finishes that has recently been extended to include matt lacquers and glossy finishes in Champagne, Sand, Grey, Dark Brown and Dark Grey.

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Home Profiles burgbad Products Crono Tall unit. LED illumination to be build into wall mirror cabinet with frame work incl. It adopts the oval shape of the collection’s bufgbad tub and, at the top, merges seamlessly with a flat, uninterrupted mineral cast surface available in various depths and widths.

Whether it’s elegant or close to nature: In the case of the new recessed mirror cabinet, the narrow flush-mounted frame and its integrated lighting give the mirror an almost window-like effect whilst simultaneously concealing its connection with the wall.

The character of the series, which was developed in collaboration with Nexus Product Designis shaped by a sense of tranquillity and its timelessly modern design. Inside, thanks to a new arrangement reminiscent of nostalgic display cases, the recessed mirror cabinet is just as functional as it is stylish, and the wood the organisers are made of adds cono cosy charm to the interior.

Then there’s a cabinet with storage doors and a wealth of interior features: Despite their reduced surface area, both variants are compatible with all conventional basin mixers. Are you a new customer?

For the collection’s year anniversary, Burgbad croho presenting a whole series of new components which, besides adding new functions to the range, represent an evolution of its forms as well.

The new, large-area illuminated mirrors definitely enhance bugbad collection — especially from an interior design perspective. For more information, please click on the “Best-Price-Guarantee” link in the footer.

Payment is due upon collection. The new built-in bathtub is also very much in line with Crono’s combination-friendly and system-based character. For example, with a mineral cast bath that fits into any interior with millimetre precision — or mirror cabinets with strip lighting where the lighting temperature can be controlled to suit your requirements.

Showcase naturalness Crono with its unobtrusive design, calming shapes and extensive range of colour and material combinations offers the option of not only setting up a room but also showcasing it in its natural burgnad.


Crono | Tall unit by burgbad

Crono Tall unit by burgbad. Upgrade of a timeless design. LED-light Mirror cabinet with frame incl. Thanks to an innovative technology, there is no longer any need for the illuminated areas created by the interior lighting to be interrupted.

More product details down7. LED illumination to be build into wall Mirror cabinet with frame incl.

Burgbad Crono built-in LED mirror cabinet with 3 doors right version – SPFT | REUTER Shop

Textiles Parking systems Floor Wall. Accessories Your desired width: The most striking of the new components is the new sit-on washbasin: Lots of different utensils can be neatly arranged in a small space and are always easily accessible. At the same time, its combinability with the rc40 furniture system has been improved as well. Therefore, Reuter customers can generally expect particularly reliable and comprehensive information about the product and its delivery time as well as fast and uncomplicated handling in the event of a complaint.

None of the products in this line meet your criteria. But the greatest benefits are, according to the manufacturer, in the details. Visitors also selected Visitors interested in this product also looked at these products: LED non-removable Light colour: The frono mirror cabinets, for instance, now feature a continuous light aperture in the double-sided mirror doors.

The choice of natural wood cronl now also includes bamboo, black oak and a light, creamy variant by the name of Oregon Oak. This product is frequently bought by Reuter customers and rated by Reuter as especially high quality. Tags bathtubs bathroom interior washbasins.

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