Steps to follow while working with the change man tool. 1. Creating a package. 2. Checkout the programs from production environment. 3. Stage programs from. KanbayIncorporated-Allrightsreserved Change Man. todevelop andinstall varioustypesof sourcecode intoa mainframe environment . Summary Changemanis a’Best in Class’tool usedatHI forupdatingandcreating. Category: ChangeMan ZMF/Mainframe | Status: 54 Hits | 0 Votes | 0 Comments. Written by Robert (Bob) Davis December 10, Create an LE Enclave within .

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As an example, an exit could fail the generate action where the CCID is invalid. Newer Post Older Post Home. This leading global investment firm used Micro Focus software to solve their mainframe release management challenges. Endevor native security is a built in security option which allows Endevor Administrators to maibframe approver groups per Endevor Environment, approver group relationships per Endevor Environment and security tables per Endevor Environment and for specific Endevor functions.

A package is a container for Endevor SCL and associated control information for code release. Endevor supports release management, as defined by ITIL in the form of package control. Generally, the result of issuing an ADD function is that the element will be registered to the target Endevor stage, or the element registration will be updated in the target stage and the appropriate generate processor will be invoked.

The translated version of this page is coming soon. The system uses these values to determine the source and target locations. Every type has at least one processor defined for which lists the name of the processor that performs the action required. Rexx code that expands changeman comp Hi, It is basically a version control tool. The move function moves an element registration from the target to the source stage and also, by invoking a move processor, moves the element output objects from the target to source libraries.

Moves an element from any source stage to any target stage.

If the Manual installation method was selected when the package was created, the package will be installed immediately after the im approver has approved it. Once all of the necessary Approval s have been gathered by Change Man, the package is ready to be installed. This security table defines the access control lists defined by groups for which users are assigned to and lists the stages for which users can interact with.


This allows for defined systems development lifecycle stages to have set approvers and controlled releases. The default system processor executes a standard copy, move or delete action.

Systems with names in italics are maiinframe longer maintained or have planned end-of-life dates.


This includes the implementation instructions, whether it is a temporary or permanent change, the installation date and time, etc. Retrieved from ” https: Processors can use both Endevor symbols and Endevor variables.

Changeman get multiple “Browse C Generally, there is one security table per Endevor environment, however a single security table can be referenced by multiple environments. As a general rule general mainframe users are prohibited from modifying Endevor controlled libraries. Retrieved 15 May Consolidate migration paths into an integrated environment Provide a release audit with automatic resolution ij out-of-sync conditions Automatically determine copybook and load module concatenations for build processes.

Change packages let you manage a project as a unit throughout the defined lifecycle while software changes are in motion. Endevor administrators can modify Endevor functions and capture information using exits. If the CMN method Change Man’s internal scheduler was selected, Change Man will automatically install the package on the date and time specified at package creation.


Endevor provides control of source and related code objects as individual elements. Mainframme multiple change management interfaces for ChangeMan ZMF in order to efficiently maintain and organize mainframe apps and plug-ins. Change man does this job by managing movement of change package information in five distinct environments 1 Development The development environment is used for application program development.

Endevor systems are defined by a specific symbol table which is essentially a list of name pair values. Access to Endevor Environments is defined by a single security table per Endevor environment. Exits are generally used to enforce system policy and enhance Endevor functionality. For example, if a component in the production library has been changed since it was checked out, Change Man alerts you to the problem by creating an out-of-synch condition for the package.


When a Change Package is created, the information that Change Man needs in order to track and control the package is entered.

The reference “element” is used to define the smallest object for which Endevor controls. After successfully staging all components in the Change Package, the Change Package maincrame then be Promote d.

The first userid cnangeman an approver group is generally always set to be the Endevor internal system userid “NDVR” mainframee grants the Endevor batch toool the authority to execute package actions. This article needs additional citations for verification. As such, control of source happens internally to Endevor and source control actions are separate from changes to objects in the output libraries which includes load modules and copies of processed code.

An exit will toop where in the exit tree that the code will be executed and what will be affected. As the Endevor product does not have a scheduling component a third party tool such as IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler or CA7 must be used to execute Endevor packages according to release schedule. Changeman is a version control tool used for manages and automates the process of migrating software changes or applications from a development environment to any test environment and then to the production environment.

With checkout, components from your baseline libraries are copied to either a Change Man staging library or to a personal development library where changes can be made.

It also competes against another CA source code management tool, Panvalet. For source components, staging will ordinarily run the appropriate translation procedure to create associated load modules.