: The Astral Plane: Its Scenery, Inhabitants And Phenomena ( ): C. W. Leadbeater: Books. The Astral Plane by ater, founder of the Theosophical society, in a wonderful insight into the unseen world and the dynamics of our universe. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page

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Putting aside for the moment the seventh, we may say that divisions 4, 5 and 6 of the astral plane have for their background the physical world in which we live, and all its familiar accessories.

The Astral Plane: C W Leadbeater: : Books

Yet though it is “a law of the members warring against the law of the mind”, though if the man obeys it instead of controlling it his evolution will be seriously hindered, it must not be thought of as in any way evil in itself, for it is still a Law — still an outpouring of the Divine Power going [50] on its orderly course, though that course in this instance happens to be downwards into matter instead of upwards and away from it, as ours is.

Save yourself some cash and trouble — google Theosophy manual 5 and read it online! There’s a problem loading this menu right now. This seems to be due to the attraction of the large amount of dense astral matter which is gathered together there as the counterpart of the cells of the physical body; but however that may he, the fact is undoubted that the matter of the astral body which lies within the limits of the physical is many times denser than that outside it.

A student of occultism is taught how to guard himself from their attempts, but without that knowledge it is difficult for one who puts himself in their way to avoid being more or less laid under contribution by them. As happens when a manuscript is returned by the printer, this manuscript showed the thumb marks of the compositor and proof-reader, and the clean whiteness of the pages had [xiii] disappeared in the process of handling.

We are still wrapped up in our waking thoughts and our physical-plane affairs, and we pay scarcely any attention to the world of intensely active life that surrounds us.

This being a marked departure from wc usual course of procedure, the permission of a very high authority has to be obtained before the attempt can be made; yet, even when this is granted, so strong is the force of natural law, that it is said the pupil must be careful to confine himself strictly llane the astral level while the matter is being arranged, lest if he once, even for a moment, touched the mental plane, he might be swept as by an irresistible current into the line of normal evolution again.

I was given to understand that my own effort would have enabled me to break through in twenty-four hours longer, but that the Master interfered because He wished to employ me at once in a certain piece of work. Accusations of his detractors were never proven and, with Besant’s assistance, he was readmitted a few years later. It must be clearly understood, as before explained, that the idea of space is not in any way to be associated with these sub-planes.

This would not, however, invariably be the case, as these elemental forces are occasionally set in motion by entirely different causes.


Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. THOUGH for the most part entirely unconscious of it, man passes the whole of his life in the midst of a vast and populous unseen world. Feb 08, Sathya Jayapaul rated it really liked it Shelves: It must not for a moment be supposed, however, that the attainment of this particular power [x] was the end of the occult training.

I have since arranged the books into a series here on goodreads so that others can read these in order.

The Astral Plane by C. W. Leadbeater – Free Ebook

We are, as it were, shut up in a tower, and our senses are tiny windows opening out in certain directions. These extruded astral bodies are almost shapeless and indefinite in outline in the case of the more backward races and individuals, but as the man develops in intellect and spirituality his floating astral becomes better defined, and more closely resembles his physical encasement.

The book is not an easy read, but a great treasure for scientific minds. The reason is that one state of matter can ordinarily act only upon the state next below it, and, as he has now no denser matter in his organism than that of which the astral body is composed, he finds it impossible to set up vibrations in the physical substance of the air or to move the physical pencil without borrowing living matter of the intermediate order contained in the etheric [65] double, by means of which an impulse can readily be transferred from the one plane to the other.

A lot of times books written back then are lleadbeater flowery and poetic, and frankly feel like fluff to read, but this book gets down to brass tacksvery detailed and precisewithout too much fuzz and it’s well written and not presumptious or arrogant. In many cases they spend long periods of acute mental suffering before they can free themselves from the fatal influence of that hideous blasphemy, and realize that the world is governed not according to the caprice of some demon who gloats over plwne anguish, but according to a benevolent and wonderfully patient law of evolution.

Sep 12, Little Miss Esoteric added it Shelves: Share your thoughts with other aastral. Those belonging to this class usually employ as a vehicle not the astral body at all, but the mind-body, which is composed of the matter of the four lower or rupa levels of the plane next above. Today’s intelligent elite surely has less of a problem to accept paranormal abilities than this was the case a hundred years ago, and a person such as Leadbeater would probably not come over in the same suspicious manner in the press than this was the case astra, a time when these phenomena were to be seen only in circuses, but were seldom subjected to serious scientific investigation.

There they remain for a period proportioned to the strength of their desires, often suffering terribly from the fact [53] that while these earthly lusts are still as strong as ever, they now find it impossible to gratify them, except occasionally in a vicarious manner when they are able to seize upon some like-minded lsadbeater, and obsess him.

It has a table of contents that is hyperlinked, and easy to use. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. Get to Know Us. The author is basically writing about what the astroplane is like, to the conscious observer.

Nevertheless the human aura, or more usually some one part of it only, is not infrequently one of the first purely astral objects seen by the untrained, though in such a case its indications are naturally likely to be misunderstood. The details of the differences between these three higher sub-planes will perhaps be more readily explicable when we come to deal with their human inhabitants.


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When a pupil who axtral decided to do this dies, he simply steps out of his body, as he has often done before, and waits upon the astral plane until a suitable reincarnation can be arranged for him by his Master. In his book How Theosophy Came to Me he describes his training as follows:. The Lodge did no public propaganda, and had no open meetings; but plans or four times a year a meeting was held at the house of Mr.

In fact, his observations brought him to be convinced leadbfater human beings are basically good, as the human nature is quite flexible, and very difficult to be forced in one single direction. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

Dnf therefore no rating. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Leadbeater clearly states that we do not own our thoughts and that we do not often think our own thoughts, as we pick up thoughts from the quantum field that links us all together. This process is at best gradual, and it might well happen that the man died before it was half completed. We might say that when the astral body has exhausted its attractions to one level, the greater part of its grosser particles fall away, and it finds [51] itself in affinity with a somewhat higher state of existence.

Jennifer Jacobs rated it it was amazing Oct 08, Nevertheless, the Master’s request had to be carried out. This habit remained with him even to the last year of his life.

AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. The astounding characteristic of our universe is that, while it is multi-layered like an onion, it is interconnected plaje interacts simultaneously on all levels at once. This is the true astral body.

As the pupil must by the hypothesis be a man of pure life and high thought, it is probable that in his case these spiritual forces will be of abnormal strength, and therefore if he enters upon this heaven-life, it is likely to be extremely long; but if instead of taking it he chooses the Path of Renunciation thus even at his low level and in his humble way beginning to follow in the footsteps of the Great Master of Renunciation, the Lord GAUTAMA [45] Buddha Himselfhe is able to expend that reserve of force in quite another direction — to use it for the benefit of mankind, and so, infinitesimal though his offering may be, to take his tiny part in the great work of the Nirmanakayas.

Furthermore, just as any man [5] who has the means and chooses to take the trouble can go and see Greenland or Spitzbergen for himself, so any man who chooses to take the trouble to qualify himself by living the necessary life, can in time come to see these higher planes on his own account.