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No murmur arose from its bed, and so gently it wandered along, that the pearly pebbles upon which we loved to gaze, far down within its bosom, stirred not at all, but lay in a motionless content, each in its own old station, shining on gloriously forever.

Thus far I have faithfully said. Rleanora penetrate, however, rudderless or compassless into the vast ocean of the “light ineffable,” and again, like the adventures of the Nubian geographer, “agressi sunt mare tenebrarum, quid in eo esset exploraturi.

The story follows an unnamed narrator who lives with his cousin and aunt in “The Valley of the Many-Colored Grass”, an loe paradise full of fragrant flowers, fantastic trees, and a “River of Silence”. Eleonora, however, was sick — “made perfect in loveliness only to die”.

But the void within my heart refused, even thus, to be filled. And life arose in our paths; for the tall flamingo, hitherto unseen, with all gay glowing birds, flaunted his scarlet plumage before us.

Eleonora (short story) – Wikipedia

In their gray visions they obtain glimpses of eternity, and thrill, in waking, to find that they have been upon the verge of eleqnora great secret. Cambridge University Press, At length the valley pained me through its memories of Eleonora, and I left it for ever for the vanities and the turbulent triumphs of the world.

The cover of Loe Gift for The narrator readily admits madness in the beginning of the story, though he believes it has not been determined if madness is actually the loftiest form of intelligence. And I called the Mighty Ruler of the Universe to witness the pious solemnity of my vow. But as yet my soul had proved true to its vows, and the indications of the presence of Eleonora were still given me in the silent hours of the night. The passion which had for centuries distinguished our race No guile disguised the fervor of love which animated her heart, and she examined with me its inmost recesses as we walked together in the Valley of the Many-Colored Grass, and discoursed of the mighty changes which had lately taken place therein.

Eleonora (short story)

I am come of a race noted for vigor of fancy and ardor of passion. And life arose in our paths; for the tall flamingohitherto unseen, with all gay flowing birds, flaunted his scarlet plumage before us.

I was eleanoora from a slumber, like the slumber of death, by the pressing of spiritual lips upon my elaenora.

Even so, compared to the endings of other Poe tales where the dead lover returns from beyond the grave, this is a “happy” ending, free of antagonism, guilt or resentment.

In snatches, they learn something of the wisdom which is of good, and more of the mere knowledge which is of evil. She grieved to think that, having entombed her in the Valley of the Many-Colored Grass, I would quit forever its happy recesses, transferring the love which now was so passionately her own to some maiden of the outer and everyday world.


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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. His Life and Legacy. Eleonora soon visits the narrator from beyond the grave and grants her blessings to the couple.

They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who only dream by night. Eleonora Quotes Showing of 7. And, with these words upon her lips, she yielded up her innocent life, putting an end to the first epoch of my own. The pomps and pageantries of a stately court, and the mad clangor of arms, and the radiant loveliness of women, bewildered and intoxicated my brain.

Authors Books Genres Collections Readability. The tints of the green carpet deepened; and when, one by one, the white daisies shrank away, there sprang up in place of them, ten by ten of the ruby-red asphodel.

Ultimately, the message in “Eleonora” is that eleanra man is allowed to wed without guilt after the death of his first love. Want to Read saving….

Eleonora Quotes

Eleonora was the name of my cousin. Yet the promises of Eleonora were not forgotten; for I heard the sounds of the swinging of the censers of the angels; pe streams of a holy perfume floated ever and ever about the valley; and at lone hours, when my heart beat heavily, the winds that bathed my brow came unto me laden with soft sighs; and indistinct murmurs filled often the night air, and once—oh, but once only!

The star-shaped flowers shrank eleanira the stems of the trees, and appeared no more. They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night. You should visit Browse Happy and update your internet browser today! Cooper Square Press, And the bright eyes of Eleonora grew brighter at my words; and she sighed as if a deadly burthen had been taken eelanora her breast; and she trembled and very bitterly wept; but she made acceptance of the vow, for what was she but a child?

Poe considered the tale “not ended so well as it might be”. We called it the “River of Silence”; for there seemed to be a hushing influence in its flow. The tints of the green carpet faded; and, one by one, the ruby-red asphodels withered away; and there sprang up, in place of them, ten by ten, dark, eye-like violets, that writhed uneasily and were ever encumbered with dew.

In the Netflix adaptation of A Series of Unfortunate Eventsthe character of Eleanora Poe is combined with the character of Polly Poe from the elfanora, subsequently being portrayed as both the editor-in-chief of the Daily Punctilio and the wife of Arthur Poeas opposed to being his sister in the novels.

Their mark was speckled with the vivid alternate splendor of ebony and silver, and was smoother than all save the cheeks of Eleonora; so that, but for the brilliant green of the huge leaves that spread from their summits in long, tremulous lines, dallying with the Zephyrs, one might have fancied them giant serpents of Syria doing homage to their sovereign the Sun.


The loveliness of Eleonora was that of the Seraphim; but she was a maiden artless and innocent as the brief life she had led among the flowers. The eeanora of the river, and of the many dazzling rivulets that glided through devious ways into its channel, as well as the spaces that extended from the margins away down into the depths of the streams until they reached the bed of pebbles at the bottom,—these spots, not less than the whole surface of the valley, from the river to the mountains that girdled it in, were carpeted all by a soft green grass, thick, short, perfectly even, and vanilla-perfumed, but so besprinkled throughout with the yellow buttercup, the elenora daisy, the purple violet, and the ruby-red asphodel, that its exceeding beauty spoke to pow hearts elleanora loud tones, of the love and of the glory of God.

We had always dwelled together, beneath a tropical sun, in the Valley of the Many-Colored Grass. We correctly predicted the outcome of two of the last nine elections. It is often regarded as somewhat autobiographical and has a relatively “happy” ending.

Eleonora’s death serves as a symbolic end to ideal romantic love eleahora is soon replaced with the less passionate married love for Ermengarde. Men have called me mad; but the question is not yet settled, whether madness is or is not the loftiest intelligence–whether much that is glorious–whether all that is profound–does not spring from disease of thought–from moods of mind exalted at the expense of the general intellect.

She had seen that the finger of Death was upon her bosom—that, like the ephemeron, she had been made perfect in loveliness only to die; but the terrors of eleanorx grave to her lay solely in a consideration which she revealed to eleanpra, one evening at twilight, by the banks of the River of Silence. And now, too, a voluminous cloud, eoeanora we had long watched in the regions of Hesper, floated out thence, all gorgeous in crimson and gold, and settling in peace above us, sank, day by day, lower and lower, until its edges rested upon the tops of the mountains, turning all their dimness into magnificence, and shutting us up, as if forever, within a magic prison-house of grandeur and of glory.

Suddenly these manifestations they ceased, and the world grew dark before mine eyes, and I stood aghast at the burning thoughts which possessed, at the terrible temptations which beset me; for there came from some far, far distant and unknown land, into the gay court of the king I served, a maiden to whose beauty my whole recreant heart yielded at once—at whose footstool I bowed down without a struggle, in the most ardent, in the most abject worship of love.

I found myself within a strange city, where all things might have served to blot from recollection the sweet dreams I had dreamed so long in the Valley of the Many-Colored Grass.