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His Reason is passionate and revolutionary. It may be added that through his sister Susana, who played andibos piano and sang, he became fond of music, which runs through many of his verses. Pero ambos adolecian de defectos que reflejaban su desconocimiento del indio. He would disdain the mediocrity who repeated his phrases. What was only an intellectual and literary attitude in other Radicalists was a profound and vital impulse in El Tunante. Vallejo is essentially a creator, always in the process of developing his technique, a process which in his art reflects a ennrique.

This poetry degenerated into an exercise andinow rhetoric and metaphysics. He does not yearn for the Inca empire in the way that pasadismo engique yearns for the viceroyalty. Government information, Government policy, Geographic information systems. In this, as in all his conflicts with reality, he reacted according to his literary and aristocratic affinities. He was not mistaken in his intention, for this is the tradition that has produced the early classics of all literatures.

In his early poetry the minstrel of Iras santas revealed his debt to Espronceda and to Byronic romanticism. Ricardo Palma, on the other hand, reconstructs it with rollicking realism and an irreverent and satiric imagination. Melgar is very Indian in his primitive, peasant imagination. But in this respect, Prada has been more than a forerunner. Cunetos Tunante was not deceived by Pierola.

Enrique López Albújar

And then he accuses himself. We have the case of Manuel Beingolea, who writes short stories of delicate humor and fantasy and who cultivates the decadence of the strange and singular. Valdelomar introduced the gregueria into our literature. The art of Eguren is a reaction against this garrulous, declamatory art, almost exclusively composed of temporal and topical elements.


For two reasons his views should be given consideration: Gonzalez Prada did not interpret this country; he did not examine its problems; he did not bequeath a program to the generation that followed.

The first question posed is: In this essay More makes a conscientious effort to analyze the spirit of national literature. Hidalgo carried to their extremes the megalomania, egoism, and belligerence of the colonida attitude. Only the forerunner and the originator survive. A colorless, monotonous Nature is responsible, in any event, for his writing chamber poetry which, when spoken by a true poet, casts the same spell as chamber music and painting.

Cuentos Andinos by Enrique López Albújar (1 star ratings)

Ruben Dario believed that he thought more easily in French than in Spanish, and he was probably right. The artist who writes a poem of lasting emotion in the language of the people is, in any literature, infinitely superior to the poet who writes a refined piece in academic language fit for an anthology.

Only God knows how much I have suffered to prevent that freedom from degenerating into license. The poetry of Eguren is the prolongation of his childhood. The first and only number gives the impression of a more eclectic, less representative journal than Contempordneos. The disappearance of Colonida went unnoticed because it was never a faction, but only a temporary gesture. Critics snrique his work as secondary and relegate it to popular literature, which, for their refined tastes, is worthless.

Therefore, in the same way that it is not a belief, it is not a neurosis. Now I will have no one to wait for me, to keep my place, in good times albunar bad. This rationalist is to be most admired for his passion; this atheist, almost pagan, must be respected for his moral asceticism.


Education HigherMexican Americans. Valdelomar combined to a high degree the qualities and defects of the coastal mestizo. The ideologist of radicalism claimed always to have beliefs superior to and different from those which in France were identified with a movement of political reaction and which here in Peru were used by the educated oligarchies as an apologia.

In the albuajr way that infusorians change continents, the masses transform languages. He evokes the past with tenderness, but always subjectively. Federico More was compulsively dedicated to conspiracy and to pamphleteering, but his political beliefs were anti-democratic, anti-social, and reactionary.

Two oblong choristers rave and lift their rapid hands to heaven and two blonde giantesses sigh and ancient cretins play a prelude for the choir. This will serve as a method of explanation rather than as a theory that a priori judges and interprets works and their authors.

A stranger to the poisons of the city, Guillen, like a rustic Pan, roamed the pastoral roads of the countryside. The Apologetico en favor de Gongora therefore follows the tradition of Spanish literature. Today much more is known than in his time about many matters, including religion. And this is understandable.

His decadent, precious, Byzantine art belongs to the fin-de-siecle Paris of Ver-laine, of which the poet felt himself to be guest and lover.

Muledriver, you are fantastically glazed with sweat.

Golfers, Golf, Biography ‘Complete golfer’ — subject s: Lilli Lopez has written: Our literature is colonial not only because of its dependence on Spain but especially because of its subservience to the spiritual and material remnants of the colony.