This interesting and informative book was written by Eric Topol. Topol is a cardiologist who is globally recognized for his achievement and is. In The Creative Destruction of Medicine, geneticist and cardiologist Eric Topol introduces a radical new approach to medicine. By bringing the. The Creative Destruction of Medicine has ratings and 66 reviews. Eric Topol. · Rating details · ratings · 66 reviews. What if your cell phone could.

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Find articles by Jung A Kim. Feb 15, Liam added it. A bit technical and very genome-centric, The Creative Destruction of Medicine should be required reading for all upper level healthcare students, definitely all medical students. We have a social infrastructure to bring people together around their personal care.

I look forward to the future in medicine and hope that his view of the future is on the money.

A Must Read: The Creative Destruction of Medicine

There were times as I went through this that I wondered whether the author might not have taken leave of his senses, but as it went along I think not. If and when these innovations come to pass, they will be game changers.

There is no doubt that the majority of the content will come to be, in time, given the massive pressures deztruction the system right now. The Zeo device is a brainwave sensor you wear on the forehead, [like a] headband. Understanding how the fields of biology, physiology, and anatomy will technologically overlap presents an exciting opportunity for creative disruption.

Follow Jon on Twitter. My library Help Advanced Book Search. The focus on individualization in both information technology and health care is how technology and medicine are linked in the book. In the Creative Destruction of Medicinehe presents the transformation of medical practice from the oc approach to treating illness to individualized medicine while genome and digital technologies are the driving force to draw such transformation and the momentum to msdicine such transformation.


The Creative Destruction of Medicine by Eric Topol

Some of destrucyion ideas abo There were times as I went through this that I wondered whether the author might not have taken leave of his senses, but as it went along I think not. We have got to reset for that.

Topol walks through the trends and leverage points logically, passionately, and completely.

It is not clear that incorporating knowledge of meducine genetic make up and special conditions changes the treatment one receives. It is more personal. Many of us work out far less often than we should, even dric we have enough time to do so. Jon Mertz serves as the editor at Health Standards and vice president of marketing at Corepoint Health.

All those value elements got blown apart into pieces and reassembled – creative destruction. Mfdicine book has limitations, however. The answer here is certainly less than a resounding yes. I had this horrendous leak of my mitral valve, and I thought I was going to have to sign up for open heart surgery…. Instead, it can be about generating individual solutions based on our unique characteristics.

For jedicine most part, he is right. But I wanted to come back to your book title and to one of the gentlemen who endorsed the book, Clayton Christensen. Aug 03, Harry Lane rated it it was ok. DNA sequencing, Facebook, and the Watson supercomputer have already saved lives.


Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. We will, indeed, have genomic data on most people. Anybody doubting this can take stock of the going on four year battle surrounding current legislation on US Health Care reform.

The local public library happened to have a copy of his book “The Creative Destruction of Medicine. More from Jon Mertz jonmertz. But, it seems quite likely that medical science, having only been taught in a scientific manner for little more than years, will have quite a different next century than its last. Oct 27, Dorree Lynn rated it really liked it. One can hope, while at the same time trying to work through the more basic political dimensions of sorting out the extent to which health care is a private market, a public market, or some sort of hybrid.

It is not clear that all the diagnostics help outcomes comparable to their costs. Sep 17, Cavin Balaster rated it really liked it Shelves: The doctor has passion and I’d want him taking care of me but I couldn’t “eat” the whole thing. Again, it was a software glitch. Topol states that doctors must evolve not to simply survive in the world of digital medicine, but for its active breakthrough. Open Preview See a Problem? Society has a chance to really see changes in how medicine focuses on the person and realizes that each person is different.

He calls it disruptive innovation.