Pier Luigi Ighina Atomo Magnetico Pdf Download DOWNLOAD: pier luigi ighina atomo magnetico pdf pier luigi ighina la. Twice-nominated Nobel Peace Prize systems theorist, Ervin Laszlo, has stated that, “the fundamental furnishing of the universe is information. Title, La scoperta dell’atomo magnetico. Attualità e coscienza. Author, Pier Luigi Ighina. Publisher, Atlantide, ISBN, ,

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Through his observation he noticed that the atoms had a pulsation and, with every pulsation, a luminous circle would leave the igina of the atom and get bigger moving away from it. Was that the way to achieve what already had been discovered by Ettore Majorana in before his mysterious disappearance.

Ighina tackles the study the atom from a perspective quite different compared to other researchers, because instead of subjecting the atom to powerful magnetic fields or particles high-energy, decides to contain his movement using other atoms, defined towel, that prevent atoms to light and those external to interfere nell’osservazione.

With cautious regulation of the focus and rotating speed of the lenses of the two microscopes he obtained that the illuminating atoms were equal to those transmitted by the observing microscope, thus creating a good contrast between black and white.

The apparatus is constituted as follows: Everything seems to be moving forward in increments, and if we walk seems that the we [ traballi ] ground under your feet. From this experimentations he developed an apparatus that enabled him to regulate the magnetic atomic vibrations.

One points upward, and another points downward. We must remove the old, ad install the new.

Pier Luigi Ighina

Indeed, human errors are unforeseen schedule. There were also some additions to his meditations inspired Revelations to try to make more complete the overall picture. While doing experiments with the agomo vibrator, he saw a flying saucer pass over his laboratory and land on a hill. By now we were only us in the field, there, in front of the “magnetic stroboscopio.


Many have not survived the magntico and they have taken refuge inside the laboratory, while others have put in their car. Poi il disco sarebbe sceso.

He invented a microscope see later with which he was finally able to observe maagnetico atoms at a enlargement of 1. Rotating Electromagnetic Canal tuned in with the Matter. By examining the atoms of different matter, he found out that every atom has its own absorbing rate.

These atoms appeared mangetico have a reproductive permanent motion which was much faster than the others. Views Read Edit View history. Ighina affronta lo studio dell’atomo da una prospettiva alquanto diversa rispetto agli altri ricercatori; infatti invece di sottoporre l’atomo all’azione di potenti campi magnetici o di particelle ad alta energia, decide di contenere il suo movimento utilizzando altri atomi, definiti assorbenti, che impediscono agli atomi luce e a quelli esterni di interferire nell’osservazione.

La scoperta dell’atomo magnetico: con 21 figurazioni – Pier Luigi Ighina – Google Books

He is now 93 years old and goes on with his researches. Please introduce links to this page from related articles ; try the Find link tool for suggestions. With the forth he could reach an enlargement of 1,, times. But operators and planned may fail. His unorthodox theories on electromagnetism are not recognized by the scientific community.

Pier Luigi Ighina — magnetic atom

The other problem he had in observing the atoms was that they are also disturbed by the surrounding atoms. In the book, divided into two sections theory I and technical IIthe author describes his research in the field of physics of the atom, in particular the discovery of the magnetic atom.

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However, no official proof of these collaborations are known.

The plants even seemed to be more resistant to insects and diseases. It grows and evolves from it. But the most important property of these atoms was not only that they could unite themselves with each other, but ighinaa they could raise their motion and the one of the adjacent atoms with the cooperation of other magnetic atoms.

The igniting motion of the disks was furnished by a nickel-chrome battery. This time he needed to go over 1 billion enlargements to see these atoms, and as he saw them they were moving a lot faster than the usual atoms and were a lot smaller. After a while, these micro organisms would transform into little solid formations of oil.

Therefore, within its operating radius, ERIM normalizes or balances cells and cleanses the energy of a room. The wait is really snervante and the hope is at the atomoo. It took him 4 years of study to create this scale.

He could also demonstrate that it was responsible for all the variations of the atoms of all matter. He once succeeded in absorbing electric energy by pointing his machine towards high tension lines. In fact, in Dr. If the humans go on with their experiments on atomic energy, it will create many gatherings of magnetic atoms and the following discharges will cause perturbations all over the hemisphere.