As part of the intruder alarm system, the Informa speech dialler dials pre- programmed phone numbers. It then plays recorded voice messages to alert someone. Honeywell 8EPA Informa White Speech Dialler: : Electronics. GSM 2G AUTO DIALER – ADT/VISONIC /HONEYWELL/UTC COMPATIBLE. The Informa is a Speech Dialler for use with intruder alarm systems. The Informa is a keypad unit that uses a telephone line to dial pre-programmed telephone.

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Please read these instructions before you start the installation.

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AU Australia s largest More information. What Does the Informa Need to Know? Plug your telephone line phone. The autodialrr of the REN values of all telephone apparatus connected to a single line should not exceed 4.

Three trigger inputs, programmable as active high or low, linked to phone numbers or alarm messages. Calls outside of this area will be billed. This is usually 9. In this case, the Follow Me number is the first number dialled by autodia,er Informa if there is an alarm.

Attack PA and Fire. Programs 1, 2 and 3.

Three of these numbers are permanently stored via the Engineer program autodaler the NVM. After the message is recorded there is a short interval, after which the Informa plays back your recorded message.

autodualer Fasten the Informa s backplate securely to the required position on a wall, using fixing points A, B and C, and breaking out whichever cable entry is to be used. An intruder alarm system monitors and detects unauthorised invorma to properties homes and businesses alike – More information. Intruder, Fire and Personal Attack. It may be necessary to use a special IDT termination tool to do this securely.


The Informa call setup can work in one of two ways:. User Manual for Autodialer v5. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.


Edition 4 26 March 97 Response telephone and answering machine User guide At a glance Directory label For making a note of numbers stored in the memories.

Note that the inputs can be intorma to be Active High or Low. AU Australia More information. The Informa will only be triggered by the bell when autodailer panel has been set. The other three messages the alarm messages are normally used to indicate the type of alarm or problem that has occurred, e.

If the code is the same as the engineer code, the Informa will not accept it and sounds a long two-note error tone. Download “Speech Dialler Engineering Information”.

Enabling the Follow Me Function. Access codes Contents Unset system indications – – – – – – – – – – – System indication – – – – – – – – – – – – Access codes – – – ingorma – – – – – – – – – – – – How to operate Personal – – – – – – How to unset.

For example, if you need 30 seconds, key in ajtodialer East Brunswick, Vic. May Firmware Update Notice What is the product update? The Informa can only be connected in parallel with other apparatus, since a series connection facility is not provided.

With this type of panel, the Informa may be used as a single-channel dialler inrorma from the bell output. If IP2 has been triggered, the Informa will dial the second telephone number and play the location message, followed by message 3. It then replays a previously recorded message, thereby alerting the recipient of autodkaler call to the alarm and inofrma intrusion.


All calls to these areas are included in your local monthly charge. Displaying the Informa Status [0] You can display the programmed state of each input to the Informa. Clear Used to edit numbers when pre-dialling or when More information.

If the Informa receives a valid acknowledgement it hangs up the line and lights all four LEDs steadily. During a test call the speaker will be turned on so that you can hear how the call progresses.

After the code is changed, the Informa automatically resets to the top level of the Engineering menu. Intruder alarm system Operating Instructions. Connect the other end of the telephone cable to the master socket.

Honeywell Informa Speech Dialler

The Informa can also be programmed to contact your. For each alarm call, the. An example of a message could be: The Informa More information. UK s best selling phone brand.

Example A location message can be: Don’t show me this message again. There is” The alarm message can be: The Informa pauses for one second then sounds a tone for one second. When the control panel recognises an alarm it triggers the Inflrma.

Installation and Programming Guide.