The Third Chimpanzee has ratings and reviews. Chuck said: Another great book from Jared Diamond. I found this to be just as engaging as Guns. Diamond, Jared. The rise and fall of the third chimpanzee. I. Title. ISBN 0- Photoset by Speedset Ltd, Ellesmere Port. Printed and bound in. The Third Chimpanzee: The Evolution and Future of the Human Animal, published in , was the first of my six books written for the general public. I look back.

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This is extrapolated to explain the appeal of drugs.


The book explains what is the meaning of the sexual and natural selections in the evolutionary sense ; why diampnd human evolution has reached today’s technological level; what are the social interactions between the primates for example, are th The book of Jared Diamond Pulitzer Prize made me think deep about Darwin’s theory of evolution and human development.

Due to the terrain, there were many different societies who lived close to one another but remained isolated. Chapter 11 – We drink and use drugs as a sexual advertisement that says, look how much of a handicap I can give myself and still be superior. Nov 24, Victor rated it liked it Shelves: However, this book has some great explanations on human sexuality but does not address one which I was not able to find a satisfactory explanation for, evolutionarily speaking: I’m giving it four stars instead of five only because from the vantage of its age shows, mainly in the absence of some information learned since it was written about the Neanderthals and the similar but then-unknown Denisovan people – specifically, the presence of small amounts of Neanderthal and Denisovan DNA in the modern human gene pool – and in the absence of that knowledge, the author makes some assumptions about our history with those other peoples that are incomplete at best; but the book is impressive in its accurate anticipation of the situations of diamojd present and probable future.


Reveals that traditional societies around the world offer an extraordinary window into how our ancestors lived for the majority of human history in evolutionary terms.

Until our own generation, no one had grounds to worry whether the next human generation would survive chimpamzee enjoy a planet worth living on. He quotes an abstract expressionist painter and critic and a psychologist as his authorities.

I learned a great deal from this book about the evolution of my own body, and the ways that the human form could indicate social and behavioral traits to a neutral observer Diamond uses the example of Aliens viewing our species for dizmond first time.

Book review: The Third Chimpanzee (adapted for young people), by Jared Diamond

The audience called for an encore and Jared obliged. A Crack in Creation: SETI will take immense patience.

Examples include Easter Island and the ruins of Petraboth of which were the result of deforestation resulting in desertification, according to Diamond. Homosexuality is, of course, a problem for Darwinians only if there is a genetic component to the difference between homosexual and heterosexual individuals.

I found this to be just as engaging as Guns, Germs, and Steel, and also an easier read. Maybe he didn’t get it how natural selection really works after all.

Harper Collins, Tyird York, While the evidence is controversial Weinrichlet us assume for the sake of argument that this is the case. The book then proceeds to trace our evolution through hallmark human characteristics and how these characteristics might eventually spell disaster for our species. It’s like their vacation diamobd reality, and I think it’s frankly insulting to the people being photographed and studied as chimpanzeee they were animals.

Chapter 2 – We descended from Cro-Magnons, not Neanderthals. Mar 30, Stuart rated it it was amazing Shelves: The list of species we have driven to extinction is a lot larger than I would have ever imagined. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

Guns, Germs and Steel: Open Preview See a Problem? I learned that we share a whopping The book covers everything from human language, sexuality, drinking, agriculture, and geopolitics through the analytical lens of evolutionary science.


He should have done the research and presented the reader with the likely truth, not a list of mostly bad jaerd. Chapter 7 – Body is like a car. Books by Jared Diamond. We may prefer the outwardly logical explanation of climate — dark-skinned people do better in the tropical regions; thrd people are better suited to the cold, dark northern regions.

The book of Jared Diamond Pulitzer Prize made me think deep about Darwin’s theory of evolution and human development. Both of them were also mind-blowing and insightful. This part was quite interesting.

TriversWilson, and especially Weinrich have considered various versions of the possibility that homosexuals may, at some time in history, have been functionally equivalent to sterile workers, foregoing personal reproduction the better to care for other relatives.

An illustrated jarfd of Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jared Diamond’s groundbreaking book, adapted for a new generation of readers. Diamond is a master of spinning hard fact and intriguing theory into readable books, and he does so again in The Third Chimpanzee: Less obvious and perhaps even more troubling is the fact that the aforementioned distinctly human capacities — art, language and agriculture — are not, in fact, unique to Homo mared It spread largely because it could support a population density 10x of hunter-gatherers, and 10 malnourished warriors can still beat 1 healthy bushman.

Whether those biological adaptations developed especially at the time of the great leap forward or earlier, they rank among the life-history changes that permitted the rise of the third chimpanzee to humanity. The author did a lot of research on New Guinea, and talks extensively about it.